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Why The Oak Knoll

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We are a family of five living out our dream of a life in the country! A few years ago, we left the suburbs for a simpler life, moving to five acres of land on the Santa Rosa Plateau in California. Raising and homeschooling our three children here has been such a joy! We have never looked back!

Over the years, candle-making was something to enjoy in my free time - giving them as gifts and burning them in our home. With the Covid lockdowns, I found myself with a lot more time at home to pursue my candle-making hobby! We have always loved the simple, farmhouse decor, so our decision to create simple candles using mason jars made complete sense to us!

Every item in our shop is handmade by me (oftentimes with help from our kiddos) with the highest-quality ingredients, and attention given to every detail. We have worked diligently to ensure that all of our candles are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients - because that is the kind of candle we want to burn in our home! Mr. Oak Knoll is the encouragement, engineer, and business manager. Scents and designs have to be enthusiastically approved by all who live here on The Oak Knoll! Explore our scents and candle options. We hope you will enjoy our soy candles as much as we do!

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